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Thank you for an adventure of a lifetime.

Before our trip, I just thought Morocco was a place on the map, worlds apart from America. I had some reservations about traveling to that part of the world, in view of the war in Iraq, terrorism, and the news media slant on Islaamics/Muslims. In the beginning, I was "guarded," clinching onto my passport, money, credit cards, and myself. After a very short time, my fears were set aside, and I focused on the beauty and the people that surrounded me. The country is so rich with fertile soil with the most lush fruits and vegetables that I have ever seen or tasted. The country sides, from the deserts, the Atlas Mountains, the rich farmlands, and the ocean seaboards hold a beauty beyond belief.

We traveled to at least 9 different cities and towns in Morocco. Getting in and out of these different cities is not always easy. We moved at a moderate pace, taking just about every mode of travel available: planes, trains, coaches, cars, grand taxis, ferry boats (didn't hitch a ride on a camel or a mule). Each city had its own distinct personality and ambiance. I can't tell you that I had a favorite city, because they were all different, with a beauty of their own.

The one and most important part of our travels that I brought back with me (not including my very expensive mosaic fountain, patio table, and bronze tables) was the Moroccan people, themselves. The Moroccan people are the most loving, giving, gracious, humble people I have ever had the pleasure to meet. They opened their homes and their hearts to us. We formed a life long bond with these beautiful people. This is the greatest gift of all.

If we Americans could pattern our lives after these people, we would have no more wars. I felt very warm and safe with them, and I would encourage any lady who has any "inkling" to travel to Morocco, GO FOR IT!. You ask me, would I ever want to return to Morocco? My answer is a definite, YOU BET! I know that when I return, I will be welcome home again.

Thank you, so much, Bill.

Pat Fanelli
Wilton, California

copyright ©2004